YOLA Mezcal

Artisanal mezcal handmade in Oaxaca with a recipe passed down by Yola’s grandfather since 1971 — bottled in our all-female facility.


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Origin Story

Yola Jimenez, who spent summers on her grandfather's mezcal farm, returned to Mexico and took over the family business, opening a mezcal bar in Mexico City. She partnered with Gina Correll Aglietti and singer Lykke Li to create Yola Mezcal, which is now available in popular urban venues.

The company stands out not only for its female-led executive team but also for its commitment to empowering women throughout the supply chain, from farmers to factory workers. Yola Mezcal focuses on economic independence and dignity, with the belief that paying fair wages brings pride and stability to communities. While the company currently employs about 20 women, their priority is ethical and sustainable growth, preserving the essence of Oaxaca.

YOLA Mezcal


From Plant to Bottle

Our production is vertically integrated from plant to bottling. We are dedicated to sustainable planting and growing techniques, and environmentally- responsible production practices. This includes low wood distilling, solar power, and rainwater catchment systems, as well as supporting local reforestation funds.