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Umami Gin


Cognac, France

42.0% ABV

Umami Gin is a savoury spirit with a flavour profile like no other. Made with capers and parmesan cheese, it is an experimental experience that belongs in its own universe.

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Flavour Intensity

Suggested Use

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What's in it

  • Capers
  • Parmesan Cheese

Recommended Pour

Bloody Umami

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Tasting Notes

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  • Vegetal
  • Bright
  • Fresh

When you smell Umami Gin, you’ll be met with an array of fresh, bright, green savoury notes.

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  • Intense
  • Citrus
  • Umami

When you taste Umami Gin, there will be an initial hit of citrussy freshness which blows up with intensity when the capers come through. The parmesan does not add flavour, but brings a slight fattiness to the palate and a soft savouriness on the tongue.

Flavour Intensity

Cognac, France

The Fifth Sense

Aged in Oak

The Brains Behind It

Big Where it Matters

After working for a number of years for famous cognac distilleries including Martell and Courvoisier, Miko decided it was time to branch and pursue his own venture. In 2013, he began distilling his own spirits in his living room. A few years and three workmates later, Miko’s exquisite gins and liqueurs are growing in reputation - and are still distilled in his living room. For him, Audemus is the realisation of a lifelong love for creating spirits; his passion is present in everything he produces.

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