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Tobala - Santa Inés Sola

Agave Spirit

Various States, Mexico

48.5% ABV

100% maguey tobala from the Sola de Vega region, with an interesting twist.

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tasting notes

Dark Berries

Smoked Marzipan

Dry Tobacco




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What's in it

  • Maguey Tobala

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Tasting Notes

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  • Dark Berries
  • Smoked Marzipan
  • Dry Tobacco

When you smell this sola Tobala there's lot of sweetness on the nose, like a desert of dark berries and smoked marzipan, with hints of dry tobacco that betray the Sola de Vega origins

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  • Herbal
  • Rosemary
  • Blackberries

When you taste this exciting sola Tobala it's more herbal on the palate initially than you may have expected from the nose, with notes of rosemary and a velvet mouth feel. A fruitiness sneaks back into the mid-palate before fading into a sweet and lingering background warmth.

Flavour Intensity

Various States, Mexico

Clay & Copper Creations

Masterfully Cultivated

The Brains Behind It

The Sin Gusano Project

The Sin Gusano Project was conceived after an influential initial trip to Mexico in 2016. Disillusioned with a world driven by over-consumption of poor quality products, and the financial system that facilitates it, Jon left a career in financial services behind to travel for some months in Southern Mexico. While developing a taste for the local spirits, Jon became fascinated by their incredible diversity, their heritage production techniques, and their ties to a culture more sustainable and in balance with the natural world than the one he just left behind.

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Jon Darby