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Cucharillo con Espadín

Agave Spirit

Various States, Mexico

49% ABV

Surely one of the first batches of Cucharillo (Dasylirion Sp.) to leave the community of San Luis Amatlán, certainly to reach Europe. With just 39 litres ever made, it's one to be savoured.

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What's in it

  • Maguey Cucharillo
  • Maguey Espadín

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Tasting Notes

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  • Mandarin
  • Fresh
  • Saline

When you smell this rare expression of Cucharillo con Espadín there's initial mandarin on the nose, with a fresh salinity that can be expected from San Luis Amatlán.

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  • Grassy
  • Mineral
  • Masa

When you taste this micro Cucharillo con Espadín batch you get grassy dry straw on first sip, reminiscent of sotol from the north. Super mineral in the mid-palate. Go back in for another nose and it’s turned into fresh masa before being pressed into tortillas.

Flavour Intensity

Various States, Mexico

Frequent Flowering

Small Batch Excellence

The Brains Behind It

The Sin Gusano Project

The Sin Gusano Project was conceived after an influential initial trip to Mexico in 2016. Disillusioned with a world driven by over-consumption of poor quality products, and the financial system that facilitates it, Jon left a career in financial services behind to travel for some months in Southern Mexico. While developing a taste for the local spirits, Jon became fascinated by their incredible diversity, their heritage production techniques, and their ties to a culture more sustainable and in balance with the natural world than the one he just left behind.

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