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Brazil Epris Brut de Fut


Beaune, France

53.2% ABV

A strong, punchy single cask Brazilian rum at cask strength

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tasting notes



Orange Blossom


Dark Chocolate


Flavour Intensity

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What's in it

  • Sugar Cane

Other Ingredients

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Tasting Notes

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  • Powerful
  • Sherry
  • Orange Blossom

When you smell Brazil Epris Brut de Fut, you’ll be met with notes of rock candy, orange blossom, and old sherry.

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  • Punchy
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Smoky

When you taste Brazil Epris Brut de Fut, you’ll experience an immediate strong kick of flavour, with salty, barbecue, and bitter dark chocolate notes. These notes give way to a smoky finish that lingers on the tongue.

Flavour Intensity

Beaune, France

A gloriously smoky rum with a kick

A trip across the ocean before bottling

The Brains Behind It

A vast selection of unique rums

Compagnie des Indes was created by Florent Beuchet, a wine expert hailing from Burgundy, France. Realising that the world of rums was every bit as diverse and varied as the world of wines, he set out on a journey of education. By offering a selection of unique single-cask rums along with carefully created blends, he hopes to introduce people to the rich universe of craft rums, and discover new terroirs along the way.

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