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Created by

The Meneghal Distilling Family

The Meneghal Family

Erwin Weimann

The Origin Story

A Family Business

Help From a Master

Bottling as an Art Form

The secret sauce


The sugarcanes used for Yaguara are all hand-cut and trimmed to ensure that only the juicy heart remains. They are then pressed within 24 hours of cutting so that all of the sweet, fresh flavours are retained and amplified during the fermentation process. After blending and distilling the cachaça, it is left to rest between 10 months and 6 years, depending on the variety. Yaguara cachaças are all triple-filtered, including a final sub-zero filtration process, before being hand-bottled and sealed.

A Modern Classic

Yaguara is the result of the Meneghal family’s deep knowledge of sugarcane, cachaça distillation techniques and Erwin Weimann’s ultra-modern, scientific blending expertise. With a smooth, delicate and balanced plate, this spirit has the well-known taste of a traditional cachaça while bringing a new original flavour and array of aromas.