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The Origin Story

Clearing the Air

Dutch Tradition Shines Through

Songs of Flavour

The secret sauce

Combination is Key

Vink based their spirits on traditional techniques and family recipes that have been passed down for multiple generations. They make all of their spirits themselves from beginning to end, giving them a lot of freedom to bend the rules and provide something out of the ordinary in comparison to other distilleries. From grain to glass, they have refined their process to ensure their final product comes out balanced and sophisticated every time.

A Whisky for Everyone

Vink’s stylish whiskies surely stand apart from the rest. Their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and Dutch roots are apparent in everything they do. Vink is for everyone – so whether you have never tasted whisky before, or you travel to the Scottish Highlands every year for an annual tour, they offer enjoyment for new and seasoned drinkers alike.