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Created by

Two former Michelin chefs who turned their hands to distilling



The Origin Story

Putting their name on it

Michelin chefs turned distillers

Made by hand

The secret sauce

Tiny batches for perfect precision

The base alcohol in SiWu’s spirits is distilled from organic Danish barley malt. The ensuing deep, smooth flavour is unusual, original, and instantly recognisable. SiWu’s spirits are produced in tiny batches of 100 - 150 bottles, meaning that each individual bottle has been rigorously quality-checked and produced with love. Nicolai and Jonas prefer to zoom in, creating small batches and focusing on the tiny details, in order to create their own particular brand of perfection.

The stamp of perfection

With their selection of handcrafted gins and akvavits, Nicolai and Jonas aim to present beloved traditional spirits with their own masterly twist on things. The purity and simplicity of the botanicals that infuse SiWu spirits is belied by the unique complexity of the ensuing flavour profiles. Each bottle of SiWu comes with its own pedigree: the quality that comes only with passion, deep expertise, and intricate attention to detail.