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Created by

The Sin Gusano Project

Jon Darby

The Origin Story

A Taste for Quality

Promoting Diversity & Heritage

“Inconsistency is King”

The secret sauce

A Look Into the World of the Artisan

The Sin Gusano Project represents the work of incredible artisans all over Mexico. It's all about sharing as much as possible and getting the consumer as close as possible to the place and culture of production. To that end, each of our bottlings has a specific web page built for it that contains all the production specifics, pictures from the distilleries, and even commentary from the producers. These pages are embedded behind QR codes printed on the bottles labels, and all the content is first hand with every batch bought in person by our founder.

The Heart of the Agave Spirit

On our mission to open hearts and minds to the incredible world of agave spirits, we aim to do it as equitably as possible. As the market for mezcal and agave spirits expands, its development is by no means guaranteed to be sustainable or fair on all parties. We choose to operate a 10% profit share programme, which sees part of our sales go to a charity that works with NGO's in Mexico on sustainability programmes within agave growing and distilling communities. The whole enterprise is also certified carbon neutral via offsetting and reduction. Full details about these initiatives can be found online at