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Silent Pool


Surrey, England

Sustainable and innovative craft spirits, created with passion and precision

Created by

Two friends with a vision



The Origin Story

All good stories begin in a bar

A perfect spot close to home

Respecting the countryside

The secret sauce

An aromatic rhapsody

Each spirit produced by Silent Pool is a masterpiece in its own right. Ian and James worked with master distillers to create distinct symphonies of flavours, with each note adding its character to produce spirits of bewildering depth and complexity. Their spirits are precise and intricate, showcasing the years of work that went into creating the perfect balance of flavours and aromas.

A meeting of the minds

Ian and James couldn’t have known, that night in the pub, how fortuitous their meeting would turn out to be. Today, as their ecologically-friendly distillery continues to produce its beautiful small-batch spirits on the green banks of the Silent Pool, they can be proud of their achievements – and raise a glass to all the achievements yet to come.