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The Origin Story

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A crème de cassis from Burgundy

Branching out into different flavours

The secret sauce

A mountain of fruit

To be categorised as a “crème”, a liqueur must contain at least 250 grams of sugar per litre. Sathenay’s crèmes contain over 400 grams. They are sweet, luxurious and rich – and differ from most of the other crèmes on the market because of the sheer quantity of pure fruit that goes into the production. By increasing the amount of blackcurrants used to create their original crème de cassis, they ensure an authentic, vivid fruit taste that carries all the personality and verve of the fresh berries.

Centuries of production

Crème de cassis has been produced in Burgundy for hundreds of years, originally as ratafia de cassis, and more recently as the modern cream. The blackcurrant shrubs of Beaune are renowned for their exquisite flavour, and crème liqueurs have long been a staple of French culture. Sathenay’s deluxe, stylish, artisanal crèmes are the modern culmination of centuries of knowledge and refinement.