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The “Fisher of Dreams”


The Origin Story

The Beginning of a Dream

Learning from a master

Spreading a sustainable message

The secret sauce

Distillations with character

Juan Carlos Gonzalez has combined traditional mezcal production techniques with state-of-the-art knowhow in a beautiful, contemporary package. His mezcals and tequilas all bear the wisdom and love for the soil that spans generations, while boasting a modern purity and clarity. Each batch produced by Santa Sabia has a radiant personality that reflects the unique qualities of Juan’s beloved agaves.

Revealing the agaves’ hidden secrets

Passionate about his land, heritage, and agaves, Juan was determined to create a product that carried on the traditional mezcal production methods of the region. Through Santa Sabia, his goal was not only to create high-quality mezcal, but also create a link between the people and the earth. He wants to show that each different agave variety has its own distinct personality, and that you can learn so much about your land by tasting its local ingredients.