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French distillers from the Île de Ré



The Origin Story

In love with the Île de Ré

Using the local flavours

The taste of the Atlantic

The secret sauce

Precision and authenticity

Rétha spirits are distilled in a steam-powered still in order to retain the authenticity of the flavours. Each ingredient is macerated and distilled separately, so that when it’s time to blend, Jérôme and Morgan can painstakingly create a perfect, precise balance of flavours. Filtering is done at room temperature to preserve the delicate flavour palate.

Bottling a location

The goal behind Rétha is really to bottle the personality of this unique, historic place. Jérôme and Morgan’s careful use of local products and gentle distillation techniques have resulted in a charming tribute to the island. The unique, local ingredients build up a vivid image of their heritage, giving consumers a real taste of life on the Île de Ré.