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Husband and Wife bottling up industry experience and cultural knowledge

Bhagya Barrett

Robert Barrett

The Origin Story

A Cultural Fusion

An Irish home with an adventurous spirit

A Global Experience

The secret sauce

Bottling up spices with care

To make Maharani Giin, the spirit is zested with pomelo fruit, and uniquely spiced with cassia and nutmeg mace, all sourced from Kerala, India. In certain conditions Maharani has a natural haze due to the organic oils of the botanicals; in particular, nutmeg mace, which can become opaque in cold temperatures. To ensure the vibrant taste of their gin, their distillers choose not to chill-filter out these oils at the final stage of production to retain all the aromatics of the botanicals.

Celebrating their Roots

Distilled and crafted with the alchemy and artistry of Rebel City’s master distiller, Robert, Maharani is an unforgettable sensorial experience of flora and spice that liberates palate and soul. A fusion of two creative cultures, it is a gin of transcendent taste. Maharani Gin is a true celebration of their roots – bringing Cork and Kerala together in one beautiful blue bottle.