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The Origin Story

Returning Home

Honouring Argentinian Heritage

Twined Traditions Result in a Brand-New Palate

The secret sauce


Principe de Los Apóstoles is able to create a delicate flavour balance by macerating each Argentinian botanical separately. The peppermint leaves are macerated for 2 hours in a wheat alcohol base, while the other fruits and plants go through a 24 hour maceration process in separate stainless steel containers. The blend is then distilled in 500 litre batches in a German copper still. After distillation, each bottle produced is carefully numbered to reflect the batch.

The Taste of Home

By combining his deep technical knowledge and passion for spirits with the historical flavours of his country, Tato Giovannoni has created a high-quality product with unique original flavours. He wants to capture Argentina in a bottle and aims to share the flavours that inspire him in the past and present in this botanical gin.