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Created by

Two friends with a shared passion



The Origin Story

School-friends are forever

Coming up with an idea

Bringing their plan to life

The secret sauce

Built for cocktails

Gabriel and Simon created ODVI to be used in cocktails. Whilst armagnac is often sipped neat, they believe this to not be its only strength. They wanted to devise an armagnac that would find itself as much at home in cocktails as it would in a Tulip glass. ODVI is made from a base of three different grape varieties: Baco, Ugni Blanc, and Folle Blanche. These grapes combine to create a complex flavour with a beautiful balance of sweetness and dryness. Sugar levels are kept to a minimum to allow the authentic flavours of the grapes to sing through, securing it as a pleasant sipper as well as a versatile and dynamic cocktail ingredient. The higher alcohol content of 42% also lends itself to use in both classic and signature cocktails.

Linking history and future

ODVI’s fresh and fruit-forward character makes it ideal not just for sipping, but as a cocktail ingredient – Gabriel and Simon’s master plan had worked out perfectly. As they began sharing their product with bartenders, it became clear that the enthusiasm was contagious. With this smooth, classy update on an old classic, they have brought armagnac into the modern era whilst retaining a deep respect for the culture and traditions of the spirit. As more and more people turn their attention to craft spirits and cocktail-making, armagnac is a rediscovered gem – and ODVI is a crown jewel in that collection.