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The Origin Story

A Land of Plenty

Great Taste with Zero-Waste

The Fire That Grows Within

The secret sauce

Barrel-Ageing Before Beauty

After the distillation process, Brazilian cachaça is often left to rest in steel tanks or aged in American oak barrels. The longer a cachaça is left to age, the more transformations take place regarding its colour, aroma, and flavour. Most of Novo Fogo’s products are aged in repurposed bourbon barrels from Kentucky, while some go through an additional ageing process in barrels made from sustainably-harvested Brazilian woods.

Respect for the Process

With over 500 years of history, cachaça is a proud source of national identity in Brazil. Novo Fogo has dedicated itself to carrying on this tradition in a sustainable way, giving back to the environment that has given so much to them. The distillation team is made up of young women who represent the next generation of creators – people who value how their products are made just as much as the products themselves.