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A Creative Alchemist


The Origin Story

Full on Flavour, Low on Liquor

Environmentally Conscious

Pushing for Provenance

The secret sauce

Getting to the Heart of Things

The folks at Aelred have spent a long time building their distilling expertise, and in creating Nolow they have put their well-honed craft to work. Paying attention to the flavour composition of each botanical and essence used in their non-alcoholic spirits, Nolow uses a careful cutting process during distillation to ensure that the ‘aromatic heart’ of each ingredient is captured, creating flavours that are distinctive and full-bodied.

Sensible but Satisfying

Nolow produces expertly distilled spirits with the guiding principles of No Alcohol and Low Calories, creating products that are at home in drinks made for the sensible-minded, but flavour-conscious drinker.