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Created by

Heir to the Dormont estate

Kit Carruthers

The Origin Story

Turning tradition on its head

Something entirely new

A Scottish twist on rum

The secret sauce

Slowly does it

Ninefold’s rums are distilled from a sugarcane molasses base, fermented with yeast and nutrients, then double-distilled down to a 92% ABV distillate. The ABV is reduced slowly down to 40% ABV over a week, in a gentle process which allows the rum to retain all its characteristics and flavours, and then bottled and labelled on site. Kit also produces cask-proof rum, distilled down to 63% ABV and stored in oak barrels for aging.

Mixing tradition and innovation

Twisting local heritage and startling innovation together, Ninefold rums are a fascinating blend of the old and the new. The Dormont Estate, with its 450 year history, is experiencing a breath of fresh oxygen - as is the Scottish spirits industry. Kit followed his original pure single rum with a Spiced Dormont limited edition, and more innovations hover below the surface. Startlingly original and exquisitely crafted, his future spirits will doubtless be ones to watch.