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Created by

The Agave Guru & The Queen of Mezcal



The Origin Story

A fortuitous meeting

Respecting traditional knowhow

A family business

The secret sauce

Using each agave variety’s personality

Learning on the knowledge of their master mezcaleros, NETA produces individual small batches of destilados made using multiple agave varieties. Any destilado produced from multiple varieties of agave is known as an ensamble. It’s made by cooking the multiple different agave hearts together to create a blend before fermentation, rather than mixing separate cold spirits at the end of distillation.

Coming from the heart

Through NETA, Max and Niki hope to not only create original high quality spirits, but build strong lasting relationships along with them. Their destilados represent a blend of family knowledge, culture and tradition that is unique to Oaxaca. By focusing on quality and sustainability, they produce exquisite craft spirits, and help support the Oaxacan mezcalero families who make this all possible. Just like the agaves, they put their heart into everything they do.