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Created by

Jérôme Tessendier, of the Tessendier cognac distillery


The Origin Story

Winemaking on the weekends

Falling out of fashion

Welcome to the family, Mr Gaston!

The secret sauce

Distillation and aging

To produce Mr Gaston, the wine eau-de-vie base is distilled twice in Charentais copper stills, with the brandy being “cut” at both stages to retain only the pure, rich heart. After distillation, Mr Gaston is aged for two years in oak barrels. As it matures, it picks up mellow cedar and vanilla notes from the wood, emerging rich and rounded at the end of the process.

Have fun while you do it

There’s something light-hearted about Mr Gaston. In a world of old-fashioned brandies that take themselves a little too seriously, Mr Gaston is a breath of fresh air. Combining impeccable technique with a lively, contemporary approach, Mr Gaston looks to instil new life into the brandy scene. Gaston Tessendier, the weekending hobbyist who made wines purely to entertain himself, would be delighted.