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To produce the mezcal itself, the agave hearts are cut out of the plants, and cooked in natural ovens - a hole dug into the ground and filled with stones and wood. The stones prevent the hearts from burning, as they are cooked under a layer of soil for several days. The cooked agave is then ground down into a pulp and the juice is extracted. This juice is mixed with water and left to ferment in pine-wood tubes for several days. Once fermented, it is distilled in a wood-burning oven. When the temperature is high enough, the alcohol separates and travels down a metal coil to condense in a tub of fresh water, producing mezcal.

Support and partnership

Mezcal Unión is a unique network that allows independent farmers and distillers to receive valuable support to improve their skills and grow their businesses with the freedom to remain independent. Supporting these creators gives them the tools they need to produce high-quality spirits with natural, sustainable techniques. With a set of shared values, they all show respect for their environment, their processes and one another. With over 100 people across 9 regions in Oaxaca, the Mezcal Unión is a strong network that produces some of the best mezcal in the world.