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Created by

The Lehmann Family

Yves Lehmann

The Origin Story

A story of generations

Recognized Expertise

Branching out into new territories

The secret sauce

Whiskies made in France

To create his whiskies, Yves turned to a local brewer to provide him with top quality malt. After twice distilling his whisky in Charentes-style copper stills, he then ages them in wooden casks for 8 years. These wooden casks are the same ones that are used to age Sauternes wine - a sweet white wine from the Bordeaux region of France. This aging process helps soften and mellow the whisky, giving it extra depth and complexity.

An alchemy between tradition and modernity

The Lehmann Distillery’s luxury spirits are the result of generations of refined expertise. Led by Yves, their commitment to the future is to continue to innovate while protecting and perpetuating family traditions. As his whisky line grows in popularity, Yves has the freedom to experiment and come up with new beautifully-crafted spirits that fit the public’s demand.