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Le Whisky des Français


Cognac, France

A whisky made entirely in France, using eco-friendly methods

Created by

Two young distillers from the Berry region



The Origin Story

Setting the ground rules

Country first

The taste of France

The secret sauce

Projects for the future

Alex and Nico have only just begun. Knowing that the French are very attached to their individual regions, their project is to continue producing small batches of Le Whisky des Français, replacing the Sauternes barrels with barrels that have stored wine from different regions. Their innovative adoption of the “growler” system – popular in the craft beer world – where they provide kegs of whisky to suppliers that clients can tap off into refillable bottles, follows their eco-conscious outlook whilst also providing a hands-on, personal experience to everyone who drinks their whiskies.

The sweet smell of success

At some point, Alex and Nico want to get themselves some land to plant French oak trees on, which might be used by future generations who want to distill their own whisky. For now however, they already have quite a bit on their plate. Whilst Le Whisky des Français only launched recently, the interest and stellar reputation it has already gained amongst those in the know is extraordinary. Even with their mounting success, their goal remains the same: to create beautifully crafted spirits, without ever losing sight of the importance of taking care of the planet and the country that they love.