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Created by

A fourth-generation master mezcalero

Eduardo “Lalo” Angeles

The Origin Story

History, Heritage, and Wisdom

A mezcal with identity

The essence of agaves

The secret sauce

Century-old techniques

Lalocura mezcales are produced using the same methods and materials that Lalo’s family has been using for over 100 years. The agave hearts are hand-mashed and roasted in an earthen oven before they are fermented outdoors in wooden vats. The mezcal is distilled in clay pots, which helps retain the natural flavours and aromas of the agave. The product is a high-quality distillate stamped with the creator’s unique personality.

Mezcales with character

Each mezcal produced by Lalo is a personal work of art. Each batch is original and unique, showcasing the individual character of the agaves, and his hometown of Santa Catarina Minas. Conscientious about where his bottles are sold, in the same way that he is about what goes into them, this is one of the first times that Lalo’s mezcals have been available outside of Mexico.