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Created by

A 23-year-old entrepreneur


The Origin Story

The desire to create

A deeply philosophical spirit

The French touch

The secret sauce

Continuous distillation, with a twist

Alexandre distills La Philosophe with evaporation plates, meaning that the vodka is distilled repeatedly and continuously. He doesn’t cold-filter, or add any sweeteners, but adds in a dash of citrus right before bringing the distillate down to 40%. That little touch of citrus gives a zing of character to the final product.

Stylish, modern authenticity

Young, dynamic, and full of enthusiasm, Alexandre was bound for success. The quality and style of La Philosophe was immediately popular within the young, French market garnering attention in many trendy bars and restaurants. His tiny batches are made with authentic, locally-sourced ingredients that combine beautifully in a suave, complex vodka.