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La Jeannette


Auvergne, France

Exceptional Gentian liqueurs, in homage to the most badass grandmother you can imagine.

Created by

Two Parisian Couples





The Origin Story

A digestif for old ladies?

Natural ingredients, just like in the old days

Grandma knows best

The secret sauce

A true French classic

La Jeannette’s maceration process is long and drawn-out, in order to extract the full depth of the flavours. All the ingredients are sourced locally in the Auvergne, supporting local producers, boosting sustainability, and adding to the true authenticity of the end product. La Jeannette is entirely French, entirely classy, and entirely herself.

A common point through the generations

Elodie, Emmanuelle, Olivier and Antoine may have come up with La Jeannette on a whim, but the quality and innovation of the final product is nothing to be sniffed at. Having crowd-funded their way to creating the first small batches of La Jeannette, they have successfully produced a gorgeously balanced gentian liqueur. La Jeannette is adored not only by contemporary mixologists, but by their grandmothers as well.