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Created by

Bill & Brent Kallup, with the help of pisco guru Johnny Schuler


The Origin Story

Taking expert advice

A lifetime of pisco

An intelligent setup

The secret sauce

Pure pisco

Pisco is a highly regulated designation. Among other criteria, it must be made from one or more of eight specific grape varieties, be produced in one of five coastal regions of Peru, be single-distilled to proof, and cannot be aged in wood. In accordance with these rules, Caravedo’s piscos are single-distilled in a 100% copper still, never diluted, and rested for six months to a year in glass-lined concrete containers. This lets the piscos evolve their flavours and aromas in a non-reactive environment, resulting in an intensely pure sensory experience.

Perfect beauty

Caravedo’s attention to detail, and relentless insistence on quality control upon every step of the journey, results in flawlessly perfect piscos. Each variety has its own unique qualities, but they all share the intensely precise standard that Johnny Schuler’s years of expertise has lent to the production process. Caravedo honours the land and heritage of Peru by upholding traditional standards for pristine quality, and producing exceptional, impeccable pisco.