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Created by

Local craft spirit lovers



The Origin Story

A love for their region

Staying local

A light, original liqueur

The secret sauce

All-natural and all-local

Each bottle of La Capricieuse is made using an organic goat or cow milk base and is combined with alcohol. The alcohol is produced from a neutral base like beetroot, malt or calvados - an apple brandy from France. The milk is mixed with part of the alcohol and then with water, sugar, and natural flavourings. Then, during a second mix, the rest of the alcohol is added in to finish the liqueur. The final product is made up of 30% milk, 17% alcohol and 53% water, sugar, and natural aromas.

A beautifully balanced nectar

From the beginning Alexandre and Nicolas have not deviated from their original goals and values to stay local and artisanal. With all-natural, local ingredients, they have created a wonderful line of milk liqueurs that showcase the unique identity of their region. As their name suggests, La Capricieuse believes that life is full of unexpected changes, and that it's important to enjoy what's in front of you. They wish to share their ever changing flavours with you and bring a taste of central France to people around the world.