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Local mezcal-producing families

The Koch Group

The Origin Story

The Mexican Dream

The environment

The people

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The stories

For The Koch Group, mezcal is synonymous with colour, culture and identity. It represents their love for their environment and their love for each other. Since the beginning, their main goal has been to underline the uniqueness of mezcal, its distinct characteristics, and the people behind it. The skills and techniques that go into each bottle have been refined for hundreds of years over the generations. You can easily see why Koch refers to their mezcals as “liquid art.”

A Project Full of Heart

The Koch Group’s catalogue of single-agave and blended mezcals pulls from the best of all worlds: the unrivalled expertise of the Oaxacan maestro mezcaleros, the pure, authentic flavours from the natural agaves, and the care and quality that comes with micro-batch hand production. Each bottle contains the unique spirit not only of the agaves, but the spirit of the people and places that create it.