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Two friends with a mission to bring the Amsterdam spirit to the world



The Origin Story

Bringing Back the Classics

More Than Just an “Old Man’s Drink”

Disrupting the Beverage Traditions

The secret sauce

A taste not to be missed

Reuben and Sebastian see genever as the bridge between gin and whisky. It has the maltiness and softness of whisky and the botanicals of gin. They see it as a dream flavour combination that makes it a versatile mixer for a wide variety of cocktails. Each genever in their collection is artisanally produced by their master distiller, Arthur Kruijt, and all come with their own unique flavour, focus, and characteristics.

Bringing Amsterdam to the world

Kever’s mission is to share a piece of Dutch tradition with the world in a lively yet conscientious way. The brand sports a fun approach to the heritage of Genever with a flavourful quality spirit in playful eco-friendly packaging. There is no doubt you will fall in love with this revitalized piece of Dutch heritage.