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Hunter Laing

Scotch Whisky

Glasgow, Scotland

Elegant Scotch whiskies from the Scottish Highlands

Created by

A distiller following in his father’s footsteps

Stewart Hunter Laing

The Origin Story

A family business

Sourcing contributors

The tasting panel

The secret sauce

The job of the Master Blender

The other whiskies go to be blended. This is Tom’s job. He noses each malt and grain expression individually, and sends the casks to be bottled in batches, according to the recipes of each particular blend. Tom is wholly familiar with the entire stock, knowing which stage of its maturation journey each whisky is at, as well as all of the nuances of its particular character.

Generations of knowledge

All of Stewart’s years in the whisky industry have given him a particular kind of insight. The depth of his knowledge is unrivalled, and his sons are also learning all they can from him, in order to take over the business in their turn. Hunter Laing’s whiskies are sophisticated, stylish spirits, emerging from the work of generations.