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Loch Lomond, Scotland

A blended Scotch whisky created by bartenders, developed specifically for highballs

Created by

Cocktail gurus turned spirit creators




The Origin Story

Setting up in a bar cellar

Made for cocktails

Bringing whisky down to earth

The secret sauce

Exotic fruit – in Scotland

Glasshouse packs a bright, fruity punch, and is named accordingly. The name “Glasshouse” comes from the glass houses popular in Scotland in the 1800s, where optimistic Victorians grew exotic fruits such as pineapples in defiance of the Scottish climate. The whisky brims with exotic fruit flavours, and the fresh, vivid colour scheme of the labelling is a purposeful step away from the typical sombre hues preferred by classic whisky brands.

Made for enjoyment

The final product emerged exactly as intended: a blended Scotch that serves as the perfect base for a whisky and soda, with the added bonus of being a gloriously approachable neat sipper. Glasshouse democratises the highball, making the whisky-drinking experience more accessible to the average consumer. While discovering all the nuanced complexities of an ancient single malt is an interesting hobby, Glasshouse sets out to prove that whisky can also just be all about the fun and pleasure of the experience itself.