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A 4th Generation Cognac Distiller

Fanny Fougerat

The Origin Story

Reinventing the Family Business

The Perfect Pairing

Flavour from Finesse

The secret sauce

Precision and Purity

Choosing not to rely on any added sugar, flavourings, or colours, Fanny creates spirits that are fresh and pure. She also limits the woody tones that can be given to a cognac during the aging process. Each batch is made up of a single cru of grapes and, if possible, grapes coming from the same patch of the vineyard. She believes that the purity and quality of the cognac will speak for itself - style like this doesn’t need enhancing.

A Tribute to Her Hometown

While Fanny is considered to be an innovator by many, she doesn’t believe she reinvented anything. She believes her cognacs shine through on their own, highlighting the land from which they come. “We want to express nature itself, and the identity of our land,” as she puts it. Her range of exquisite, refined cognacs do just that - and her ancestors would be proud.