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Erika Spirits

Gin, Vodka

Cognac, France

A range of French craft spirits distilled with honey and pollen

Created by

Three Passionate Childhood Friends




The Origin Story

A Sudden Inspiration

Bee-lief In Their Idea

“Honey, I’m Home!”

The secret sauce

A still with a difference

Before producing their own gin, the team called upon Philippe Laclie - the director of the ancient Bercloux distillery in Cognac. Philippe uses a Stupfler still, which differs from ordinary stills as it can distill liquids containing solid parts. As the first Erika gin contains eight different botanicals, this was an attractive feature for them. The aromas and flavours produced using this method retain an incredible freshness and authenticity.

Remembering the roots

Since its quiet beginning around a dinner table, Erika Spirit has expanded to produce a variety of craft gins and, as of recently, their own vodka. Paul, Vianney and Thibault never lose sight of their values and ethics as they keep on creating new spirits. They continue to source locally, aim for exceptional quality, and never forget the natural honey source that gave them their name.