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life-long students and pursuers of flavour



The Origin Story

Guided by their Palates

The Empirical Method

Building Flavour From the Ground Up

The secret sauce


To ensure no flavour is lost from the high heats used in the distillation process, Empirical engineered their own proprietary equipment. They use vacuum distillation which allows vapours to move more freely, enabling them to distill liquids at 15°C instead of the usual 85°C. The lower temperature allows them to use a wider range of ingredients, such as fresh herbs, pine shoots or oysters.

The Perfect vessel

Empirical is a flavour company and an experiment we all get to witness. With the belief that alcohol is the best way to contain flavour, they are now able to share their ideas across the world. Their bottle puts flavour at the forefront, providing everything you need to know about how the product is made and nothing more.