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Created by

An architect turned witch doctor

Romuald Vincent

The Origin Story

A Growing Demand

Drinking as a pleasure

An Innovative Patented Technique

The secret sauce

The Healing Powers of Nature

Romuald is something of a witch doctor. He concentrates not only on the aromas and flavours of his drinks, but also on their healing properties, choosing plants known for their medicinal qualities. Djin spirits are designed to stimulate, relax, detox, relieve and tonify the mind and body.

Fit for Modern Consumption

By name and genesis, Djin Spirits makes the link between alchemist research from the past and evolutions from the modern world. Romuald draws from both these worlds to produce a complex and balanced spirit that highlights the goodness of nature. Djin spirits are designed not only to delight the senses, but to benefit the body at the same time. They are fit for new modes of consumption and can always be enjoyed without compromises.