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Distillerie Ogier


Moras-en-Valloire, France

Fruit liqueurs and eaux-de-vie from a small French producer

Created by

Raphaël Ogier, the most recent descendant of the Ogier family

Raphaël Ogier

The Origin Story

Picking up the story his grandfather started

The most local of production methods

Combatting nature with nature

The secret sauce

Small, hand-made batches

When it comes to distillation, the fruits are macerated, then distilled, with the rich heart of the distillate retained. Then the liqueur is bottled, labelled, corked, and wax-sealed – all by hand. Each bottle is then numbered, so that all batches can be easily traced. The small artisanal batches produced by Ogier are designed to capture the intense fruit flavours, and replicate the experience of biting into a ripe fruit straight from the orchard.

A deep respect for the soil

With complete control over every step of production, the Ogier Distillery is able to produce gorgeously authentic liqueurs that showcase the very essence of the fruits that went into them. A deep understanding and respect for the land that produces the fruit trees is the baseline of Raphaël Ogier’s business model. By working with nature, he manages to coax the very best quality from his plants, which translates to beautifully rich, luxuriously fruity liqueurs and eaux-de-vie.