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Destilados (Agave Spirits)

Oaxaca, Mexico

Polished, pure, luxurious mezcales made by local producers, using all-natural techniques

Created by

An association of maestro mezcaleros


The Origin Story

The spirit and the life

An individual experience

A wilderness of agave

The secret sauce

Pinpoint Precision

Each bottle produced by Cuish is hand-labelled and marked with its individual batch number. This is part of a rigorous process that ensures a high level of quality is upheld through each step in its production. The whole process is done entirely artinally, using traditional techniques, and natural ingredients. The master mezcaleros behind these spirits take immense personal pride in their precision and attention to detail.

Sharing a good thing

Thanks to its strong network of local producers, Cuish was able to open a mezcaleria in the centre of Oaxaca City, selling the mezcales produced by the families and maestros in the group. Now, branching out into online sales, they hope to share their love of mezcal with the rest of the world and let people discover the unique flavours of Oaxaca for themselves.