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A wine expert turned rum aficionado


The Origin Story

Wine expertise applied to rums

Showcasing the variety of the terroirs

Working with distillers on the ground

The secret sauce

Small batches of perfection

When blending rums, Florent draws on all his wine expertise. He builds up a balanced flavour palate in the same way a good wine should be balanced. An elegant harmony is created between all the different notes and flavours of the rums, in the same way that different varieties of grapes are mixed to produce quality wines. By buying in small quantities, he is able to do all the work himself, filtering and tasting to create beautiful and authentic blends.

Discovering the wonderful world of rums

From Trinidad to El Salvador to Guyana to Brazil, each rum from Compagnie des Indes reveals a unique personality. When it comes to the vast variety of rums currently being produced, the surface has barely been scratched. By bringing these unique qualities to the forefront, Florent hopes to encourage people to explore the hugely diverse universe of rums, and to launch themselves into a voyage of discovery.