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Created by

A Scottish Entrepreneur in Collaboration with the Tessendier Distilling Family

Dominic Park

Jérôme Tessendier

Lilian Tessendier

The Origin Story

A long line of French cognac distillers

In quest of craft perfection

Long-established knowledge meets contemporary innovation

The secret sauce

The eagle eye of the cellar master

The distiller’s nose remains the most important tool in the production of Park Cognacs. Everything – from the harvesting of the Ugni Blanc grapes that grow in the Tessendier vineyards and the precision of the temperature and cooling, to the double-distillation in copper stills – is overseen by the cellar master. He then selects the distilled eaux-de-vies that, after refinement and ageing, will make up the assemblages of the various Park cognacs.

The stylishness of expertise

Nowadays the Tessendiers continue to uphold Dominic’s original vision of a line of exceptionally high-quality craft cognacs, while adding their own innovative and modern twists to the products. Their renowned expertise sets Park Cognacs apart from the rest of the market. Every step of the production process is precisely and lovingly monitored, resulting in a selection of sophisticated, contemporary artisanal spirits.