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An Unlikely Duo



The Origin Story

A Mysterious Ingredient

Resurrecting the Spirit

Unique South African botanicals

The secret sauce


Caperitif is made from wine that is fortified by spirits, sweetened with grape sugar, and given a bitter note from cinchona bark. Its unique flavour comes from a selection of 35 natural botanicals that are chosen depending on the season. This seasonality means each separate batch of Caperitif comes with its own subtly unique character.

The “Ghost ingredient” brought back to life

According to the famous bartenders featured in The Savoy Cocktail Book from 1930, Capertif used to be a critical addition to many of the most popular cocktails in their day. After becoming a ghost, this exceptional vermouth is back from the dead. Its sweet and bitter botanical aromas and flavours are a supreme addition to a modern mixologist’s collection.