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Created by

A visionary in the field of alcohol

Bruno Mangin

The Origin Story

Looking into the future

Whiskies can be French, too

A lot of personality

The secret sauce

A little help from his friends

While Bruno is the mastermind behind BM Signature, he turns to his friends nearby to help him put his plans into action. He works with a chain of local farmers to ensure a constant supply of fresh, Jura barley. The distillation takes place in a tiny, local distillery, where the smell of fruit hangs heavy in the air (this place usually distills eaux-de-vie). When regional wine producers find themselves with leftover barrels, they call Bruno to let him know. These regional whiskies are truly a community effort.

A madman, or a genius

All of BM Signature’s whiskies are entirely, unequivocally, from Jura. “I grew up in the middle of the countryside, where there are more fields than shops,” explains Bruno, and this deep-rooted knowledge of the fields of his region is apparent in every step of the process. Some people think he’s a madman; others believe him to be a genius. Whatever the case, Bruno has shown himself to be consistently ahead of the pack and his innovative, contemporary craft whisky line is the most recent jewel in his crown.