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Created by

Mauritian Farmers & Distillers

Local Producers

The Origin Story

A little spot of paradise

When life gives you sugarcane

Rum is the spice of life

The secret sauce

Bottling a country

Beach House set out to capture the spirit of Mauritius in every bottle of rum. The local sugarcane flavours set a base for the aromas and flavours. From lychee, passionfruit and grapefruit, to honey, fresh ginger and bitter orange blossom, all of these bright notes come together to create beautifully balanced profiles that evoke the sunshine and freshness of life in Mauritius.

A vacation for the palate

Unfortunately, we can’t all just go to Mauritius whenever we want a break from the grey weather. The goal of Beach House is to provide us with the next best thing. Although we’re technically not lying on the beautiful white sands of Mont Choisy beach, watching the waves break on the volcanic ridge out in the turquoise waters of the Indian sea, at least we can take a sip, close our eyes, let the exotic flavours wash over us, and pretend.