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Created by

A 14th generation port producer

Fernando van Zeller

The Origin Story

Hundreds of years of a family business

The jewel in a beautiful crown

Fermentation and fortification

The secret sauce

Aging to develop their characteristics

In the springtime of the year following the harvest and fermentation, the wines are taken to the family’s estate, Vila Nova de Gaia. Here they embark upon the maturation process, ageing in oak casks to develop their rich, spiced personalities, before being blended and bottled. Alvaro van Zeller is the expert winemaker for Menéres, and uses all his deep family knowledge to create perfectly balanced blends.

Generations with the same dream

Fernando van Zeller’s company is the largest independent port producer in Portugal (and also the fastest growing). Fourteen generations of familial expertise and passion for winemaking has culminated in great success, and in a selection of wines of unrivalled quality. By never losing sight of his ancestors’ dreams, Fernando continues to create, innovate, and produce beautifully stylish and luxurious traditional ports.