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36+ farming families from Ejutla, Oaxaca

Farming Families

The Origin Story

Laying Down Roots

Dedication to Craft

One with the Land

The secret sauce

Signature Stills from Ejutla

In Ejutla, the stills most commonly used are outfitted with a "refrescador". This particular still's design consists of a large pot which surrounds the heads of the still and the copper plates inside. The pot is continuously filled with cold water. This unique configuration allows for what we fondly call the "Happy Hour Distillation" (2 distillations in 1 eight hour pass) and creates a mezcal light in smoke and full of bright verdant flavours.

Securing the Future

The work of Javier Perez Cruz, inspired by his own family, has changed the tradition of making mezcal into a community, one committed to the quality of their craft, and raising one another up. The life of a mezcalero once meant inconsistent work, low wages and an uncertain future. The 36 farming families behind the Banhez Cooperative are changing this, improving lives now and for generations to come. Today, the Banhez Cooperative of farmers and producers, unified by Francisco Javier, form the Unión Productores de Agropecuarios del Distrito de Ejutla de Crespo (UPADEC) and is run by his son, Luis.