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Boves, Italy

Stylish and sophisticated modern-day vermouths

Created by

Bartenders, for bartenders!



The Origin Story

“Okay, but how are you supposed to drink it?”

A gap in the market

A collaborative effort

The secret sauce

Retaining the taste of nature

The botanicals that go into Baldoria vermouths are picked locally, in the mountains that surround the distillery - and the distillery’s own garden produces a fair amount of the ingredients itself. After the ingredients have been chosen and weighed, the genepi is extracted via alcohol suspension, which takes about six months and retains only the delicate perfume of the genepi flowers. This is the special ingredient that lends the vermouths their distinctive balsamic flavour.

By bartenders, for bartenders

Baldoria vermouths are polished, well-balanced - and practical. Made by bartenders, for bartenders, they’re equally at home in a classic cocktail as in a contemporary mixology creation. Even if you don’t possess the expertise of the bartenders at the world-famous Little Red Door, you’ll find these vermouths easy to incorporate into your recipes. Currently available in four varieties, they have worked themselves into cocktail menus all over Paris.