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Created by

A former cognac distiller and chef turned artisan



The Origin Story

A Work From Home Pioneer

A Small Distillery with a Big Punch

Not Your Ordinary Vacuum

The secret sauce

Dialling Distinct Flavours

By varying pressure, temperature, maceration time and many other factors, Miko is able to treat each botanical differently and extract his desired flavour profile. He lowers the pressure to bring out delicate, greener notes or turns it up for a stronger, spicier result. For Pink Pepper Gin, all of the botanicals are distilled separately, blended with a neutral grain spirit and filtered before they are bottled.

A Small but Mighty Team

Miko now works in a small team with three other people including Ian, Pip, and Charlie. His distillery, however, remains his own private domain, while his tiny batches remain distinctive and personal like they’ve been since the beginning. Each micro-batch of Pink Pepper Gin produced by Audemus is dedicated to a person, or group of people, who have helped or inspired them along the way.