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The Castarède family, spanning six generations

Florence Castarède

The Origin Story

Looking back into history

A long line of distillers

Spreading the story

The secret sauce

Distillation on the castle grounds

Even today, Castarède armagnacs continue to be distilled and bottled on the grounds of the family estate, the Château de Maniban. All 16 hectares of the castle’s vineyards are planted with the different grape varieties that go into the Castarède armagnacs: Folle Blanche, Ugni Blanc, Colombard, and Baco. In the distillation room, the wooden ceiling beams are blackened from centuries of distillation.

Sharing the pleasure

The Castarède distillery was registered in the annals in 1832, and as such, is the oldest armagnac distillery in France. As Florence Castarède continues to create new lines of products, and innovative blended spirits, she pays tribute to her long and noble heritage. She hopes to be able to introduce people to the joy of a beautifully balanced armagnac, and to never forget the joie-de-vivre and quest for pleasure that is the backbone of the French culture.