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How to get the best service from a bartender

(1st April 2021) Tired of people always pushing ahead of you at the bar? Does it seem like your cocktails are never strong enough, and could do with more alcohol? Use this handy guide to make sure your bartender gives you the best service possible!

Step 1: If you’re with a group of friends, make sure that they only decide what they want when you already have the bartender’s attention.

Sure, you could ask them beforehand, but that would take some of the spontaneity out of it. The best way to do it is to call the bartender over, choose what you want, order your drink, and then ask your friends what they want. This is good for the bartender too, as it means that they get to run back and forth making each drink separately – exercise is good for them! Make sure that you all pay separately too, with a nice mixture of cash and cards.

Step 2: If it’s your birthday, that means your bartender should give you something for free!

Be sure to tell your bartender right away that it’s your birthday. Bartenders love it when random clients are celebrating their birthday right there, in their bars - it’s almost a secret law that on your birthday, your drinks are free. Remind your bartender of this when ordering!

Step 3: Know their secrets – all that ice means less alcohol!

Let your bartender know that you know what’s up. When you see them putting all those ice cubes into your drink, tell them to knock it off – all that space in the glass should be filled with alcohol instead! You’re no idiot: make sure they know that you’re in the loop.

Step 4: Create a bond using your excellent sense of humour.

Bartenders really love it when clients make jokes, by saying things like “Wait, I thought this was free!” when given the bill, or “I don’t remember my code” when the credit card machine arrives. It’s even easier to bond when the bartender is a woman, because you can make jokes like “Why aren’t you on the menu?” which will be strongly appreciated.

Step 5: Make sure you get served first

When the bar is crowded, it may seem like your bartender isn’t getting to you fast enough. The best way to make sure they serve you right away is to get their attention: clicking your fingers, leaning over the bar and waving your hand in their face, or whistling at them should do the trick.

Step 6: Don’t tip them

Leaving a tip for your bartender is rude – it implies that they’re a charity case. They have a job and a salary, they don’t need it; and part of creating a good impression means treating them like a friend. You don’t pay your friends, do you? Of course not! So why would you tip your bartender?

DISCLAIMER: Before putting any of these steps into action, please check the date of this post.

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